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What We Are Up To

By May 22, 2020October 22nd, 2021Blog

As part of the launch of Humanity Works and the announcement of our upcoming book (working title), Be Human, Do Better Work: Want More Productivity? It’s All About People, we recently reviewed all of our contacts on Linked In, Facebook, Google contacts, Twitter, etc. You might have seen us peeking at you and wondered what was going on.  It turns out, somewhere along the way, our worlds intersected and, we both said “yes” to staying connected.  So, this blog is about updating our side of that connection.

Some of you are connected to Kate Roeske-Zummer and know her purpose is to bring more humanity to the workplace by tapping into discontent and exposing the inhumanity that often accompanies complacency in our lives and our work.

Some of you are connected to Debbie Cohen and know her as a non-conventional HR executive with a propensity to challenge the status quo in order to transform people and organizations so both can reach their fullest potential.

The exciting news is we have joined forces and launched Humanity Works. We are on a mission to bring more humanity to the workplace so we can change the world of work, together. We have developed an ecosystem to emphasize a fundamental concept: productivity is about people. Our straightforward skills and practices show you exactly how-to shift behavior so that everyone, from employees to the c-suite, work better together to produce great business results.  You can check out our monthly newsletter, follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook or check back on our website for updates.  We hope you are enticed to stay connected: subscribe to our monthly newsletter and join our movement!