Tailored Solutions of Proven programs

We’ll work with you to create tailored solutions that develop your people, giving them real tools and practices that will make them more productive, more generative and more committed.

The Executive Pause

Designed and customized for those at “the top of the house,” this program helps you find clarity and alignment so you can lead with intention. You will learn to generate the outcome you want in order to work more effectively and harness the talent of your people. Learn More >>

Influential Leadership

Meant for individual leaders—director-level or higher—this set of workshops will grow a strong group of individual leaders into a cohesive and influential leadership team well-positioned to lead and scale your organization to the next level. Learn More >>

The Humanity Project

This set of workshops helps HR teams and individuals get un-bogged from the daily “doing” of process and procedure. It creates a space for HR professionals to get clear so they can lead with impact and purpose in order to make use of the most powerful resource your organization has: its people. Learn More >>

The Resilient Manager

For managers who need to up-level their capabilities, this series of multi-day sessions will help you become more self-aware and more conscious of your impact so you will be more skillful in navigating your relationships with others. Learn More >>

The Resilient Manager Certification

For your organization’s internal HR and L&D professionals, this certification is designed to support companies who want to leverage their investment in training and development by increasing the skills and capabilities of internal trainers. Participants come away with licensed access to world-class manager development curriculum and materials. Learn More >>

Clean Power Project

For people at any level, these compelling 3 workshops delve into the dynamics of power and give you real-time tools and skills to show you how to navigate its intricacies—when to claim power and when to give it away in order to be the best leader and human being. Learn More >>

There are many leadership training programs, but the HumanityWorks training works! The level of energy and communication at Mozilla got better after their trainings. Better discussions, better Directors meetings. Teams care more about the important things and aren’t caught up in the small stuff. Everyone is committed to getting things done and is doing so. They brought in many different tools and many ways to look at and resolve the issues we were grappling with.

Johnathan Nightengale, VP Firefox, Mozilla
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