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People don’t leave their companies, they leave their managers.


People don’t leave their companies, they leave their managers.


MANAGING OTHERS IS COMPLICATED because people are messy. When you need to up-level the capabilities of your managers, HumanityWorks is your hidden superpower. This series will help these high-leverage humans to become more self-aware, more skillful in navigating their relationships with others and more conscious of their impact.

They will walk away with:

Understanding their own strengths and how to leverage them in their management of others

Exposure to Shared Agreements as a tool to Creating Safety

The skill of accountability

Awareness of perspectives as mindset

Awareness of power types and the importance of being conscious of use and impact

Awareness of different types of Feedback

Understanding of feedback triggers and how to stay when it gets messy

Skill of Finding the 2% Truth

Exposure to and experience with steps in the Humanity Works Coaching Roadmap, including preparation techniques for self-management and coaching steps and questions

Understanding and practice with the HW AIM model

Resilient Manager is designed for managers who need to up-level their capabilities. This series of 12 multi-day sessions will focus on 3 of our 5 practices and all five skills to help them become more self-aware and more conscious of their impact so they will be more skillful in navigating relationships with others.

Some of our happy Resilient Manager participants