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We’re Back!

By April 21, 2021October 22nd, 2021Blog

Hello! We’ve been away writing a book…

We’ve been heads down writing our book for the past 6 months and are finally emerging from the writer’s den. The act of writing for both of us has been an experience of joy, hard work, humility and energy. In our last newsletter we talked about living purposefully, and there truly has never been a time for us that has felt this purposeful. Getting our work – our trainings, beliefs, teachings, inspirations and ideas – on paper has been a labor of love and one that we are delighted to be wrapping up and getting out into the world in October! The new title of the book is Humanity Works Better: 5 Practices to Lead with Awareness, Choice and the Courage to Change.

We will keep you posted as we near the fall publication date, meanwhile we are excited to share the lessons and learnings from our research and writing in our refreshed twice a month newsletter. We’ve learned so much along this journey of writing. Our research involved many client interviews, and hearing what others had to say about how our work impacted them made us even more committed to getting our message out. Our mission to bring more humanity to the workplace has never felt more timely and important as we are all navigating the challenges of the past year.

Our hope is that as we emerge from the pandemic, we all do so with a newfound belief in the importance of relationships, of being a good human. As the work environment continues to evolve, we hope you will join us in fostering positive work cultures, converting from toxic to healthy, from competitive to collaborative, from fearful to trusting, one human at a time. That human we are talking about is you!  Thank YOU for being a part of our journey. We are excited to be back!