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The Harvest Season

By September 28, 2023October 2nd, 2023Articles, Blog

We are preparing to plant something new and want you to be a part of it.

The harvest season marks an end of the growing cycle for a particular crop. It’s a time to gather what has been grown and assess the yield. In the spirit of this season, we’ve been taking stock of what we’ve grown since the launch of HumanityWorks. Here’s what we have harvested and how it will impact what is seeded in our newsletter going forward:

As we prepared to launch our book, Humanity Works Better, in October 2020 we were on a blitz to increase market awareness of us and our messaging (yep…it’s a thing when you write a book!). We appeared on more podcasts than we can count, created 1000s of Linked In posts, and were prolific at writing articles, even landing in HBR’s virtual magazine for more than 10 months! We also launched this monthly newsletter and packed it with content intended to help you, our closest followers, implement our skills, techniques and frameworks in your professional and personal lives. In the past three years our content has reached tens of thousands of people. We are humbled and most grateful to all who have shared our work and brought along new faces!

Now, we are preparing to plant something new and want you to be a part of it. We have always intended HumanityWorks to be a movement. To help facilitate that, we are shifting the format of our newsletter from building a following, to building a community. Our new format will create space for you to share your stories, your ideas, and the impacts you are making to bring more humanity into your professional and personal lives. We’d even love to hear what hasn’t worked so well and what else is needed.

How will this work?

Starting with our next newsletter, we will share topics that are top of mind for us (sneak peek – next issue will be kicking around the difference between kind and nice, and why it matters). Then, we’d love your take on the topic. Where has it popped up in your life, what have you tried that worked… or maybe didn’t. Our goal is to deepen the learning through your shared experiences and stories.

We invite you to send your thoughts, inquiries and stories to us at [email protected].

Our goal is to feature some of your burning learnings in our newsletters. We will ask your permission before sharing any personal stories, and you are in choice about whether it is shared anonymously or not. We will cherish each submission and will read each one, but please know we may not be able to respond to every submission.

In addition, we are changing our newsletter schedule so that it’s published every other month, instead of monthly, so you have time to gather your thoughts!

You are an amazing group of followers and ardent believers in humanity. We know you are implementing our concepts in powerful, impactful and personal ways. Let’s harvest your ideas, and share how you support humanity at work and at home each and every day.

Humanity works because of YOU.

Kate and Debbie