018 – Dirty Little Secret

By July 10, 2019 July 17th, 2019 Podcast

Welcome to today’s podcast where Deb and I are going to talk about managements dirty little secret. This is Kate Roeske-Zummer Chief Inspiration Officer and Debbie Cohen Chief Instigator.

So, today we are talk about managements dirty little secret. One definition of management is this process of dealing with or controlling people. We did a keyword search and what came up “trickery”, “controlling”, “deceit”, “directing”, and this whole idea that it’s about “harnessing humans to achieve organizational goals.” That’s really inspiring!

Ugh that creates a story doesn’t it? It sure does Kate, we want to get things done efficiently and effectively. Of course!  But do we need to “control” each other! Yikes! That feels so yesterday, certainly for those of us in a knowledge industry.
Is that really what management is all about? Too often, when we get promoted to a manager no one really tells us what your job is!

I remember when I got promoted to manager that I had this stark realization that my job had suddenly changed. So, I had been a really good Account Executive and getting the details done and crossing all the I’s and dotting all the T’s and suddenly I had a group of five people reporting to me and I realized my job was no longer to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. I had a completely different job but nobody was overt about that.

You see in the tech industry right you have a brilliant coder who does an outstanding job at exactly what they are hired to do writing code and is looking for upward mobility. So, we promote them, and they don’t code anymore. They have to lead, manage and inspire people not at all what their strengths are.

So, this is a dirty little secret that no one really talks about! The thing that got you there is not the thing that will make you successful once you become a manager.

So – we have some incoming advice and places to look around being a good manager and what that starts to look like:

  • If you do not love people and all the messiness that comes with them then don’t become a manager. We get that oftentimes this feels like the only way to progress in your career is to move to management. But that is a dirty little secret. It is not. If you step into being a manager and you fail, you fail the people side of it – it can set your career back. Keep in mind this is not the only way to progress in your career. You’ve got to get creative.
  • As a manager, your job is now is to get stuff done through people, with people. So how do you do that? You need to get to know them as human beings.  And every single one of them is going to be different.
  • Be in relationship with the people who you are working with and who are working for you. They are human beings – complex, messy, humans. SO – be in relationship with them! Think about one of the most healthy relationships you have.  What are the qualities of that relationship?
    1. Your ability to be honest
    2. Being curious with that person and their life and their experiences and what is going on with them
    3. Showing genuine interest in them (if their hobbies are horseback riding or flower arranging or kombucha making) get curious about that
    4. Making time for people. This shows up in regular one on one’s not in meetings that you have with people but really making time for another person as a priority for you
    5. Being safe to be at your best or your worst. It’s that feeling that other person has got your back

We want you to expand your view of management lets air this dirty little secret. Management may be defined as telling people what to do.  We know a good manager is about being in relationship so that your people feel seen, heard and thus motivated.  Be in relationships and love, yep love your people

Thanks for joining us today for this week’s “Five-minute Epiphanies How to Mine the Mess for Success: Tips, Snippets and Stories.” For more information check us out at humanityworks.kinsta.cloud.

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